N. G. Sahoo Research Group


Department of Chemistry, Kumaun University

All Patents


1. N.G. Sahoo, Sandeep, M. Karakoti, V.D. Punetha, “A process of Manufacturing Graphene”, Indian Patent Grant No. 352780, Dec 2020.

Transferred the Technology for commercialization to

(i)             HeXorp PVT. Ltd, India, through NRDC, Govt. of India, 2022.

2. S. Basak, N.G. Sahoo, R. Das, Neha. “Natural Degradation Products of Promethazine Compound”, Indian Patent Grant No. 352905, Dec 2020.

3. Sandeep Pandey, Manoj Karakoti, Sunil Dhali, C. Tewari, and Nanda Gopal Sahoo; “Process of preparation of naturally doped Silicon, Magnesium and Calcium Graphene nanosheets from Paper Waste for Energy Applications” Indian Patent Application No.: 202011017973, 2020; Patent Grand no. 419214, 2023; Australian Innovation Patent Grant no. 2021100550, April 2021.

4. N G Sahoo, Gaurav Tatrari, Chetna Tewari, Sandeep Pandey, Himani Tiwari, Manoj Karakoti, A B Melkani, “A process of manufacturing highly porous 3D graphene nano-flakes (HP3DGNFs) doped with alkali and transition metals”, Indian Patent Application No- 202011019296, 2020; Grant no. 402397, 2022.

5. Manoj Karakoti, Sandeep Pandey, Sunil Dhali, Chetna Tewari, Anurag Srivastava, Reena Srivastava, NG Sahoo, “Highly Efficient Graphene-Soap Based Spray Paints for the Efficient Killing Of Corona viruses and preparation process thereof”, Indian Patent Application No. 202011018342, 2020; Grant no. 400474, 2022.

6. N.G. Sahoo, C. Tewari, S. Pande, M. Karakoti, S. Dhali, H. Tewari, G. Tatrari, A.B. Melkani, “Hydro-Solvo-Thermal Graphene Oxide Synthesis Method”, Indian Patent Application No. 202011011434, 2020; Grant no. 429734, 2023; PCT application No. PCT/IB2021/052158.

7. N G Sahoo, Gaurav Tatrari, Sandeep Pandey, Chetna Tewari, Manoj Karakoti, Bhaskar Singh Bohra, Sunil Dhali, Polymeric waste derived nanographitic additives for concrete mixture and method of manufacturing thereof, Indian Patent Application No. 202011030192, 2020; Australian Innovation Patent Grant no. 2021100549, April 2021.

8. Sandeep Pandey, Manoj Karakoti, Sunil Dhali, Neha Karki, Nanda Gopal Sahoo “Cotton Based Scalable Green Synthesis of Graphene Nanofibers”, Indian Patent Application No-202011017974, 2020; Australian Innovation Patent Grant no. 2021100552, April 2021.

9. N.G. Sahoo, S. Pandey, M. Karakoti, S. Dhali, C. Tewari, G. Tatrari, “Polyamidoamine (PAMAM) dendrimer/Zno-PEG nanoparticles (NPs)-grafted reduced graphene oxide based face mask and fabrication process thereof”, Indian Patent Application No. 202011017344, 2020.

10. N.G. Sahoo, C. Tewari, G. Tatrari, S. Pandey,  H. Tewari, A. Damdapat , Graphene based nanomaterials derived from Drepanostachyumfalcatum for water Purification, Indian Patent Application No. 20211103128; Australian patent Application No. 2021104582, Grant No. 202111031289.

11. Anirban Dandapat, Deepika Pancholi, Narendra Singh Bisht, Veena Pande, Sandeep Pandey, NandaGopal Sahoo, “A Process To Synthesize Crystalline BiOBr/BiOI Solid Solution Nanostructures”, Patent Application No. 202011040517, Patent Publish Date:10/12/2021.

12. N.G. Sahoo, G. Tatrari, C. Tewari, M. Pathak, B.S. Bohra, M. Matiyani, D. Bhat, T. Arya, “Process for manufacturing 3d-graphene flower skeletons from coconut-husk-fibers for fabricating supercapacitors and its composition thereof”, Patent Application No. 202311051097, 28/07/2023.

13.  N.G. Sahoo, M. Pathak, B.S. Bohra, G. Tatrari, A. Rana, C. Tewari, D. Bhat, T. Arya, D. Melkani, “Kinnow peel waste derived graphene nanosheets for high performance supercapacitor”, Patent Application No. 202311051096, 28/07/2023.




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